Dr Petcha

Monday Blues

Have you ever had Monday blues? You are not alone. Symptoms such as fatigue, giddiness, chest discomfort, poor appetite, body aches, inattention are the typical signs of Monday blues. The reason why this happens is that the habits and routines of the previous week have been disrupted over the weekend.

From Monday to Friday, we spend most of our energy at work. Our body is trained and conditioned to go through the vigor of each day.  However, during weekends, we often have to play catchup and do the chores that have piled up during the week. We hurriedly visit families, do house chores, and try to find time to socialize with friends. All these activities disrupt the habits and routines established during the week. As a result, when Monday comes, we are physically and mentally ill-prepared to resume work.

In order to minimize Monday blues, you should pay attention to how you rest during the weekend. Try your best not to disrupt the habits and routines such as the timing of waking up in the morning or sleeping at night. Avoid tiring yourself too much doing leisurely activities, otherwise, you might end up even more tired. The evening prior to starting work, do not schedule activities that are over-stimulating or anxiety-provoking. Instead, make plans for things that are related to the coming week such as reading, making a to-do list, and scheduling. These will help you ease the transition from weekend to weekday.

Last but not least, when you reach your post on Monday, take a few minutes to relax your body and get reacquainted with the environment. Treat it as the beginning of a new and exciting week.