Dr Petcha


Don’t Get Stoned

Even as people return to work after the lockdown, more and more workers will find themselves working from home. Unfortunately, this may inadvertently put our bodies at a higher risk of developing kidney stones. In our daily life, the body produces a lot of waste that needs to be excreted by organs including kidneys, ureters, …

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Lockdown Meals

Have you been eating more during the lockdown? The lifestyle of eating supper is becoming popular nowadays. Typically, the number of times people eat and the amount are relatively fixed; three meals a day with occasional snacks in between. As we work later and later into the evening, the supper culture is now a growing …

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Monday Blues

Have you ever had Monday blues? You are not alone. Symptoms such as fatigue, giddiness, chest discomfort, poor appetite, body aches, inattention are the typical signs of Monday blues. The reason why this happens is that the habits and routines of the previous week have been disrupted over the weekend. From Monday to Friday, we …

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